Coyote Crossing Equestrian Center


Mountain Trail Challenge Buckle Series

May 26th, June 29th, & July 27th

Throughout the summer we will be hosting three Mountain Trail Shows. These shows will include 3 division levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3. Each division level has an in-hand pattern and a riding pattern that you may choose to compete in. 

Level 1: These are walk only patterns.

Level 2: These are walk/trot patterns.

Level 3: These are walk/trot/canter patterns.

At the end of the three shows the total rider/horse team points will be tallied to decided the High Point Champion and Reserve Champion. These winners will be awarded buckles.

You do not need to be an IMTCA member to compete but only IMTCA members are eligible for High Point Champion.

Competitors are welcome to arrive the day before the show to practice. Stalls will be available for overnight rent and dry camping is allowed. 

$20 per class if you pre-register.

$25 per class the day of.

To pre-register for the show please fill out the form below and email it to


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Mountain Trail Challenge Class List (pdf)


Mountain Trail Challenge Registration (pdf)


Coyote Crossing Fun Show

August 3rd, 10am

Ready to have some fun with your horse?

The Fun Show is a great partnership building event for you and your horse. Classes include:

ring jousting (shown in picture)

mounted water gun shooting

barrel racing


cattle classes

and more!

Enter as many classes as you can to try and win All-Around Champion!

Classes are $8 with pre-registration and $9 the day of

$10 fee per cattle class or $25 fee for all cattle classes 

Fun Show Class List (pdf)


Fun Show Entry Form (pdf)